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About us

Hire true professionals, not gig workers.

At The Good Cleaners, we believe that our success is entirely reliant upon our people. So we invest in them. 


When hiring a Good Cleaner, you're opting for vetted and veteran specialists who's built a career in housekeeping. 

Staff training: All of our new staff goes through a rigorous quality control screening process. New good cleaners will work alongside our veteran team leader, who will then make sure to provide new team-members with enough theoretical and practical training, that they can show that they are capable of carrying out our quality and efficiency standards across all of our services.


What that means for you? You get access to the country's best workers and are satisfaction-guaranteed. Love your cleaner? We'll make sure they always take care of your home in the future. Not convinced? There are plenty of other experts we can match you with. 

We build our services around you. 

The Good Cleaners strives to be Canada's most customer-centric home care business. Our approach revolves around your satisfaction, and guarantees an unbeatable value while also providing workers with the best benefits. To top that up, we are a feedback-driven company, meaning we build and improve our services based on your input. We are ever-evolving and ever-growing, meaning there is no such thing as 'an impossible ask'.

We understand how important your
health is to you and your family.

It's not only about cleaning your space, it's also about being clean while we provide our services. Our commitment to health-conscious practices means that you'll never have to worry about the types of products and methods we use. We pride ourselves in being green, and never compromise on quality.


Steam cleaning is at the core of our home care practices. It removes 99.9% of viruses and pathogens, doesn't require harsh chemicals, keeps your air pure, and your surfaces irritant-free – so that your whole family (including your furry friends) can live worry-free. 

Clean Cleaning

Clean cleaning is the idea that we shouldn't leave harsh chemical residue or air pollutants behind when cleaning your home or office. We know how harmful most cleaning chemicals are, and we replace all of the typical harsh cleaning solutions with high-temperature steaming appliances. This not only cleans but disinfects 99.9% of bacteria from areas like ovens and fridges, without exposing your food to toxic non-ingestible chemicals. We promote these practices because we believe in providing the safest possible service, and the safest possible work environment for our long-term cleaning specialists. 

House Cleaning Service
Vacuuming Couch

Our Mission

Providing our customers with the highest standard of cleaning service while using the healthiest and most efficient cleaning methods available. 

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