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About us

The Good Cleaners is a leader in sustainable cleaning services in Montreal. 
Our mission is to provide you with cleaning services dedicated to your well-being, while ensuring our practices are socially, environmentally and economically responsible.


The Good Cleaners is dedicated to providing you with cleaning services that are conscientious of our environment, because a clean home shouldn't entail a dirty world.

All of the cleaning products we use are studied and approved by the Environmental Working Group to contain no ingredients of harm to the environment or the quality of your air. 

With over 10 years of experience in Residential, AirBnB & office cleaning, I manage and train our team of talented cleaning technicians. My job is to ensure exceptional quality throughout all of our services while maintaining industry leading environmental and health standards. I believe that clean spaces help with creativity, productivity, and provide a general sense of well-being. 

Clean Cleaning

Clean cleaning is the idea that we shouldn't leave harsh chemical residue or air pollutants behind when cleaning your home or office. We know how harmful most cleaning chemicals are, and we replace all of the typical harsh cleaning solutions with high-temperature steaming appliances. This not only cleans but disinfects 99.9% of bacteria from areas like ovens and fridges, without exposing your food to toxic non-ingestible chemicals. We promote these practices because we believe in providing the safest possible service, and the safest possible work environment for our long-term cleaning specialists. 

House Cleaning Service
Vacuuming Couch

Our Mission

 Keeping your home squeaky clean in a sustainable, healthy way while providing Montrealers with the highest cleaning standards. 

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