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What you get when you book with us:

Clean cleaning: Our team of cleaning experts has developed cleaning procedures, in parallel with Health Canada and EPA cleaning safety regulations, to ensure that your home is not only cleaned, but sanitized. Every time. 


Peace of mind with thorough training & checkups: Our lead cleaning specialists conduct regular walkthroughs and yearly audit checks during your clean to ensure that attention to detail and company practices are being applied properly. All cleaner receives in-house training from our highest performing cleaning expert. 


No disruptions with our backup plan: If your assigned cleaner becomes unavailable, one of our vetted specialists will take over within 48 hours to ensure continuity of service.


Satisfaction guaranteed: If for some reason our cleaning services don't meet the expectations we have set, we will send a team member to re-clean at no additional cost. 

It's all about the people: Our cleaning specialists are carefully selected, vetted, background checked, and trained by our amazing team leader Chelsey, to ensure you are dealing with top cleaners, every time.

Clean Cleaning

A cleaner way to clean.

°F275 Steamers to neutralize living bacteria 

EPA & Health Canada compliant chemical mixtures & product selection


Clean mop pads for every clean to prevent cross-contamination


Food safe kitchen cleaning products and equipment

Products safe for your pets & children to accidentally ingest

No Volatile Organic Compounds 

No use of bleach or ammonia 

No Chemical Irritants 

No Synthetic Fragrances 

No bacteria spillover from house to house

1. Steaming doesn't just deep clean, it sanitizes too. Steaming not only allows us to eliminate stains and gunk more effectively using high-pressure steam, the heat from the steam (°F275) also kills living bacteria cells it encounters such as mold, mites, critters , allergens and harmful bacteria.

We use steaming to clean: floors, ovens, fridges, kitchen appliances, bathtubs and upholstery. 

2. No bacteria spillover. Instead of using the same dirty mop every week, allowing it to accumulate and grow bacteria, we clean our steam mop pads before each clean to ensure your floors, tubs and sinks are chemical free.

dupray steamer

Steamers for a deeper, sanitizing clean. 

All of our services follow Health Canada and EPA's safety standards.

Cleaning shouldn’t come at the expense of your health. Unfortunately, the cleaning industry often uses toxic chemicals such as ammonia, bleach, or VOCs. Health Canada warns that prolonged exposure to these chemicals can cause shortness of breath, eye, nose, and throat irritation, respiratory problems, coughing, exacerbation of asthma, and long-term lung damage.

That's why, we only use methods and products that are tested and proven not to harm your health or the environment.

In the name of efficiency.

A common concern: does steam cleaning come at the expense of efficiency?

Quite the opposite. Steam cleaning is not only more effective at keeping your home sanitized, our tests have found that steaming is also up to 40% more efficient at tasks such as floor or surface cleaning, compared to its traditional counterparts. This translates to less time spent on steam-related tasks, and more time spent on attention to detail!

Deep Clean

Seasonal (one time): $40/hour
Monthly: $39/hour

Full Clean

Weekly:      $35/hour
Bi-Weekly:  $37.50/hour
Monthly:     $39/hour
Daily:          Upon request

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