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State of the art cleaning services
You can be certain that when choosing The Good Cleaners, your cleaner was vetted using industry leading standards. From an international background check, to rigorous interviews, as well as in-house training & randomized checkups from our remarkable supervisors, you'll get Montreal's best when booking with us. Plus, all services come with a satisfaction guarantee! So you won't pay until you're satisfied.
Unparalleled flexibility and perks with our recurring cleaning services
Get access to Deep Clean extras at no additional cost all year around when booking recurring services. From fridge deep cleans, to window cleaning, and even upholstery sanitization, you'll always pay your regular hourly rate. Just let us know what you want us to do and we'll get the proper equipment ready for your next clean. No hidden extras. (Cancel anytime - no term contracts)

Learn more about our commitment-free subscription perks by speaking with one of our advisors.
At The Good Cleaners, all of the ingredients used in our home cleaning products are lab-tested and meet Environmental Working Group's strictest standards for environmental impact and health impact from exposure. 

Learn more about EWG's standards for health here.

Explore our residential cleaning service pricing

Seasonal Deep Clean

From $160
2 cleaners for 2 hours or 1 cleaner for 4 hours
+ $40 for each additional hour/cleaner

Full Clean

Weekly:      $35/hour
Bi-Weekly:  $37.50/hour
Monthly:     $39/hour
Daily:          Upon request



From $285
2 cleaners for 3 hours
+ $94 for each additional hour

With a perfect 5 star rating on Google, 30+ public reviews, and over 300 happy clients' homes cleaned in 2024 alone, why not upgrade your cleaning services and treat your home to state of the art cleaning services. 
For all services, we use strictly eco-friendly products. Independently certified by the EWG (non-profit) & the EPA to contain no ingredients of health & environmental concern. All products are professional grade sanitizers (99.9% bacteria disinfection). Experience eco-friendly services with no compromises. 
Get the same cleaner, every time. We know how important it is for you to build a relationship of trust with your cleaner. This is why we always plan your schedule under the premise of your cleaners' availability.
In case your cleaner calls in sick or has an emergency, we'll always have the option for someone from our team to replace them within 24 hours. They will pick up where they left off thanks to our internal app, which will contain a file of how you'd like your home to be cleaned.
Our prices are all inclusive, so you don't have to worry about providing anything for your cleaner. 

All services include: 
Professional grade cleaning supplies & sanitizers

Equipment: Dupray steam cleaner, professional filtered vacuum cleaner & detailing tools
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Experience the warmth and elegance of a high-end service, customized for you, at a comforting price.

Clean cleaning: Our team of cleaning experts has developed cleaning procedures in parallel with the EWG, which are not only environmentally friendly but also ensure thorough sanitization. Every time. 


Peace of mind with our thorough quality assurance procedures: Our lead cleaning specialists conduct regular walkthroughs and yearly audit checks during your clean to ensure that attention to detail and company practices are being applied properly. All cleaner receives in-house training from our highest performing cleaning expert. 


No disruptions with our backup plan: If your assigned cleaner becomes unavailable, one of our vetted specialists will take over within 48 hours to ensure continuity of service.


Satisfaction guaranteed: If for some reason our cleaning services don't meet the expectations we have set, we will send a team member within 48 hours to re-clean at no additional cost. 

It's all about the people: Our cleaning specialists are carefully selected, vetted, background checked, and trained by our amazing team leaders, to ensure you are dealing with Montreal's best, every time.

Clean Cleaning

A healthier & environmentally friendly way to clean.

No bacteria spillover from house to house
No use of bleach or ammonia 

No Chemical Irritants 

No Synthetic Fragrances 

No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

°F275 Steamers to neutralize living bacteria 

EWG compliant chemical mixtures & product selection


Clean mop pads for every clean to prevent cross-contamination


Food safe kitchen cleaning products and equipment

Products safe for your pets & children to accidentally ingest

Every cleaning service we provide comes with complimentary floor steam cleaning, ensuring your floors are not only spotless but also thoroughly sanitized.

Steaming doesn't just deep clean, it sanitizes too. Steaming not only allows us to eliminate stains and gunk more effectively using high-pressure steam, the heat from the steam (°F275) also kills living bacteria cells it encounters such as mold, mites, critters , allergens and harmful bacteria.

We also use this method to clean: ovens, fridges, kitchen appliances, bathtubs and upholstery based on your choice of Deep Clean options. 

2. No bacteria spillover. Instead of using the same dirty mop every week, allowing it to accumulate and grow bacteria, we clean our steam mop pads before each clean to ensure your floors, tubs and sinks are chemical free.

dupray steamer

Steamers for a deeper, sanitizing clean. 

All of our services follow the Environmental Working Group's highest standards for product choice & safety guidelines. 

When we say we're a green cleaning company, we mean it. Every single ingredient used in our cleaning products is studied by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) to determine health-related risks. The EWG is a non-profit organization that investigates the safety of consumer products, including cleaning supplies. They have conducted extensive research on the ingredients in cleaning products and have found that many contain substances linked to serious health problems. These standards are substantially higher than that of EPA's safer choice labels, as well as Health Canada's general requirements for cleaning product safety. 

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